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  1. Yes, a long time ago but still sounds fresh today, as it was, like chembros or crystalmethod, ahead of it’s time but also perfect for people like us that managed to discover you by this time.
    I got addicted to you since I played Motocross Madness, that PC game had 2 tracks from you. Then i tried to find more, but only managed to by the 2000s.. And overseer.co.uk to reach you, if i remember well, at this time.
    Then I heard your tracks used in many movies, ads, and hoped this would please you and make you wealthy. 😆
    I think your contract with your publisher provided them much money than to you, sadly..
    Anyway your tracks are real jewels i cherish, thanks and congrats Rob.

    In another post i’ll write about TheMusic and my happyness when I found out you’d create something together.. Big brains like you both bring great things to our ears.. 👍



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